Ever since Google cancelled Google Reader I’ve been looking for a new feed reader. I haven’t found one I like so far. I’ve tried Feedly, Newsblur, Tiny Tiny RSS and a bunch of others but none of them really did what I wanted, most tried to do too much, all I wanted was a simple and lean feed reader for Android that I could use while commuting to work. Then I found FeedGoal. I didn’t like the user interface FeedGoal either, but it is open source and had a fairly nicely partitioned backend which would probably be possible to reuse.

So I’ve been playing around with FeedGoal for a few weeks and ended up writing a completely new user interface for it that I’m pretty happy with. I’ve called my application “Weader”, a play on my last name which begins with a W and “reader”. Imagine Elmer Fudd trying to pronounce “reader”, that’s how you pronounce it.

The application doesn’t do anything fancy at all, all you get is a list of feeds and when you click on a feed you’ll get a list of articles in that feed. Click on the article and you’ll get a full page with the contents and you can swipe left and right to go the next and previous articles. And that’s all there is. No cloud services, no subscriptions, no sharing of links, no webapps, just reading feeds on an Android phone.

If anyone wants to try it out it’s available on Google Play. And oh, have I mentioned that it’s open source and that all the sources can be found on GitHub?